Ingwaz, otherwise known as Freyr or Frey, is a Norse God considered to be in the Vanir Tribe of the Norse Gods. Ingwaz is also a rune in Elder Futhark. It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything with runes. It’s partly been because of personal issues and some personal excuses as well. I love that this was the rune I pulled today. It came at a perfect synchronicitous time in my life (some one correct me if I’m using that word wrong!)


Usually, I’ll talk about my personal interpretation and view of the rune, but I feel the majority of the definitions and descriptions that I have used are enough in this case. Runes usually have a verse from the Old English Rune Poem. Sometimes, the meaning of the rune is easy to interpret and easy to use as a guide. Sometimes that is not the case. For me, at this point in my studies, the latter was the case.

From OERP:

(Ing) was first, among the East-Danes,Seen by men
Until he again eastward (or “back.”)
Went over the wave;
The wain followed on;
This is what the warriors called the hero.”

What do you gather from that poem about the rune? In my opinion, knowledge of Freyr would help greatly with understanding the rune. From Edred Thorsson’s Runecaster’s Handbook, Ingwaz ultimately represents new growth coming from solitude and darkness. It is a principle of separation for personal transformation. 

Thorsson writes that the principle of Ingwaz is “isolated separation, which is absolutely necessary to any transformational process.” I agree with this, but want to give some input and opinion about this particular statement. As with all other runes, there is a bright side and a murky side to them. I see isolated separation being a concept and action that can easily go too far. In my mind, I see the need for the individual to come to their own start and to realize the need and to take action for personal transformation. In my experience, others can point out things that you may need to work on, but until you make that decision to act, their guidance, suggestions, advice, and care is unfortunately pointless. Do not let yourself go too far though; we are never alone on our journey.

I love that I ended up drawing this rune today. In my personal life, I’ve been going through some deep and heavy personal things. I’ve gone through a sort of transformation and am continuing on my journey. It’s amazing how well this fits with me. I have been going through some dark times, and new growth is stemming from me deciding to take action on my life!