The harvest rune is a rune that doesn’t show up a lot in the readings I do. It’s the only one that I have noticed that doesn’t show up that much. That is an interesting observation to me because of what the harvest rune can mean in a reading.

In general, the harvest rune can mean a variety of things. From a literal standpoint, the harvest rune can symbolize a thriving plant; a plant that grows in fertile soil, grows high, and branches out in health and prosperity. On the other hand, the harvest rune symbolize a dying plant, diseased and wilting away, trying to clench and hold onto dry malnourished soil. These vivid images in my mind represent the harvest rune well in how it can help in a reading.

In a generally positive reading, the harvest rune signifies growth. It signifies stability and prosperity. It is important to see where this rune shows up in the reading and the exact meaning can change depending on how one reads the runes. In a positive light, though, I see the harvest rune representing potential and prosperity. Drawing this rune can indicate that you are growing as a person, and that you are branching out. The alternative is that it is an indication that there is a need for you to take action and to blossom!

In a generally negative reading, the harvest rune, of course, represents the opposite. Whatever the reading is about, there is a death involved. I would equate the negativity of the harvest rune to the Death card in tarot. Death can mean the death of an action or situation and the subsequent birth of something else in your life. This is not always the case, though. With a more negative reading, it is important to take the harvest rune as a warning. The situation at hand is one that is not good for you. It is leaving you on an unsteady and rocky foundation. If things continue to go the same way they have been going, things will most likely not go well!

The harvest rune has significant meaning whether positive or negative. It is a rune to pay extreme attention to if it drawn in a reading. In a way, it is a rune that really acknowledges your ability to realize you have control over your future. It creates a need for introspection, and can help you do what you need to do so you can thrive and blossom in your life!