Greetings! I am Matthew, the other co-owner of Eclectic Wisdom! I provide the rune readings here and interpret dreams! In other online communities, like Fred-Allen, I am known by another name which is Paddy!I began reading runes quite recently actually. There are two styles that I felt drawn to and currently read: Witches Runes and Futhark Runes. Witches Runes are much newer, and Futhark Runes are much older, thousands of years old in fact! It’s interesting learning about the runes and the meanings behind each rune. They each have a character of their own that really brings life into each one of them!

Dreams can mean a variety of things, but there are many details in them which can bring to light things in your life. I have helped figure out those types of meanings and how they could relate to your life! I’ve been doing dream interpretation for a few years now, and I always enjoy the light bulb that shows up when I interpret someone’s dream as they realize what it was about!

I also encourage any one with an open or even semi curious mind to inquire about our services! Rune and dream interpretations can help you see things about yourself that you knew but weren’t quite obvious enough. Sometimes the answers to life are right in front of us.

I am excited to read the runes and interpret your dreams! (And talk about my cats!)