Acceptable Decks for Class

There are MANY different types of Tarot decks out there. For the purpose of Tarot 101 we will be using exclusively Rider-Waite based decks. The Rider-Waite Tarot was first published in 1910. This is considered the first “modern” Tarot deck. The vibrant illustrations by Pamela Coleman Smith are well known throughout the world by those who practice Tarot and even by those who know nothing of Tarot. This deck and those derived from it are excellent for beginners and experienced readers alike due to the detailed drawings of both the Major and Minor Arcana. Before the RWS the Minor Arcana were typically what are referred to as pips and had no illustration beyond the suit and number.

It is incredibly important that you be sure to have one of the decks listed below for the purpose of the class. These decks stick to the naming and numbering conventions of the Rider-Waite Tarot. They also hold to the same symbology established by the RWS. The reason it is important is so that when discussing cards and meanings we can all be assured that we are working from the same basepoint. The idea that your deck has to “call” to you is a superstition. The symbolism language and workings of a deck remain true no matter what deck you choose if you learn the foundations.

The Thoth and Marseilles based decks are wonderful tools for divination and are truly beautiful, but they are different systems of Tarot and will make group learning much more difficult. There are some readers that are more drawn to the Marseilles or Thoth based systems than the RWS and this may even be you, but I find that working form the same toolset in a class helps everyone! You can still take the tools and techniques of this class and apply them to the Marseilles, Thoth, or even non-standard Tarot systems!

Oracle or Lenormand decks are absolutely not acceptable for this course.  

If you have any questions or need help selecting a deck, please contact me at

*Deck descriptions are mostly from Aeclectic Tarot. All images can be clicked on to go directly to the purchase page for that deck. 


If there is a deck that is outside of these that you would like to know if it is acceptable for class, please contact me with images and the name of the deck and I will let you know if it is something that will work. If it is the Original Rider-Waite itself or the Radiant Rider-Waite there is no need to ask as they are acceptable. Anything else will need to be approved, though. 

Tarot of the Wild Unknown, Good Tarot, Tarot of Hidden Realm, The Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot, and Wildwood Tarot are very popular decks, but are not acceptable for this class.

I look forward to working with you all!!