Hello all! As I said last week,I’m changing things up a bit here.Rather than my Daily Tarot I will be doing beginning of the week spreads. Each week I will do a different spread with a different deck. Most will be Tarot, some will be Lenormand, or perhaps Oracle or a combination. Today I used the The Druidcraft Tarot in combination with the The Druid Animal Oracle Deck. Both decks are by Philip Carr-Gomm and they are both absolutely amazing! I fell in love with both of these decks just from pictures online and knew that I had to have them.

Now, onto the spread itself! Below is what I pulled and laid out for this week. My intention is to show guidance for the week. It’s important to remember that these spreads are to give guidance and insight and they may say different things to different people. Even my readings themselves may mean different things to different people. You may find you resonate very strongly with parts of the message and not with others. This is all okay and is definitely part of this type of general reading. If you are interested in a more detailed and personal reading check here and I’d be happy to talk with you!

November 6 Spread

For this week I laid out a very simple spread. Here we find an Animal Oracle resting above three Tarot cards. The Oracle card is the Boar, which is the guiding force of this reading and the guiding force of the coming week. Underneath him we find the Nine of Wands, the Eight of Wants, and The Sun. This is not a past/present/future spread, but rather a spread for general information. I commonly pull out the cards like this and read them as a single message. Here I will go over each card individually and then talk about the complete message that comes from them.

The Boar

The BoarAs the guiding spirit of this spread the Boar is incredibly important. The Boar is all about new directions in life and new doors opening. He is about having the strength to fight for those new directions and the courage to take the new road once you come to it. He is all about inspiration and the raw power to create the path you want, even if that path doesn’t already exist. The Boar is one that is a leader and encourages you to be a leader. This doesn’t mean that you have to lead others, it simply means that you take control in your life and charge full speed ahead to what you desire. You have amazing power in you, and this week the Boar is about helping you to harness that power and create the changes that you have been dreaming or thinking of. The Boar won’t do it for you, but he’s an encouragement reminding you of the strength you have and daring you to take those risks.


King of Wands

King of WandsIn keeping with the theme firmly established by the Boar we have the King of Wands. He is a leader. He is a powerful man that encourages those around him to rise to his level. He doesn’t lower himself for anything. This isn’t out of arrogance or self-importance, but rather out of self-respect and self-love. The King of Wands is one that has worked hard to get to where he is and knows that lowering himself neither helps him or others. He is one who loves challenges. Doing the impossible and creating something out of nothing is what excites and inspires him. Not only this, but the work he does inspires others as well. When they see the fire in him it ignites a flame in them as well. This flame is one that spreads to all who come near it and enlightens every part of the world it touches. He’s an indication that you, or someone near you, is a goal oriented person. If it’s you, he’s encouraging you to not only set a goal, but to strive for it. Create a plan, one with actionable steps, and start working towards that goal today! If you aren’t a goal oriented person he’s an indication that you need that presence in your life. You will never reach your goals by dreaming. Make your dreams goals by partnering or connecting with someone who can help you set goals and create a plan to get there.

Eight of Wands

Eight of WandsIn light of the Boar and the message of the King of Wands this card is a great sing. The Eight of Wands is all about momentum and action. Planning and strategizing is good, but there comes a point when plans need to be put into actions and need to stop being discussed and rehashed over and over. The Eight of Wands is an indication that this time is now. The suit of Wands is related to the element of Fire. Fire is powerful and strong, it can spread to other things, it can move quickly, it can also burn out quickly. In the image of the Eight of Wands we see a youth throwing a javelin. That javelin is moving quickly and powerfully towards its goal. It will not stay in the air forever, though, it must come down. The momentum, no matter how strong, can only last for a limited time. This is the core message of the Eight of Wands. Right now is a time of momentum and powerful energy to create the reality you desire. If you are at the planning stages, it’s time to put plans in motion and start taking action. If you are already taking action, it’s time to ride that momentum and not fight it. If you are towards the end of a plan and nearing a goal it’s time to focus with laser intensity on that goal and allow no distractions. The momentum is strong, but can only take you where you need to go if you act and grab on now.

The Sun

The SunThe last card of today’s spread is an absolutely wonderful final card for this particular spread. The Sun is one of the single most positive cards of the Tarot. It’s all about success and positive energy. In this week’s spread I read the Sun in two ways: first it’s a reminder that in the endeavors of the week it’s important to be intentional about your energy, both how you spend it and how you focus it. Remember, everything in life is energy in one way or another. When you focus your energy towards the negative things in life, whether you intend to or not, that’s what you will bring more of into your life. The Sun is a reminder to focus your energy into the positive aspects of life. This is not to say you should pretend the negative doesn’t exist, but rather than focus on the problems, focus on the solutions even if you don’t know what those are yet. When you set your intention towards the solutions, they begin to appear. The other aspect of the Sun is a powerful indicator that if you heed the messages of the Boar, the King of Wands, and the Eight of Wands, success in your endeavors is all but assured. This doesn’t mean to sit back and expect it to happen. You still need to put in the effort mentally and physically, but if you do so with focus on achieving whatever goal you’ve set for yourself this week, the Sun shines bright on the outcome!


Overall this is an amazingly straightforward and laser focused reading. This is a week of powerful energy to create success and realize goals. This doesn’t mean that your ultimate dreams will come true this week, necessarily, but it does mean that all signs point towards the ability to achieve goals. Take hold of momentum. Put plans into action. Focus on your goals. If you aren’t able to create a concrete plan, find someone who can help you with that. There is no time like right now to take the action needed to make the changes you’ve been contemplating. These changes and goals can be personal, business, or anything else. The one thing that’s clear, though, is that taking powerful action and setting intentions directly on where you want to go is what’s needed in this time of life.


I hope that this reading is as powerful for you as it is for me in this week! I’m working towards some major changes in my life and this reading is powerful confirmation that I’m moving in the right direction. It’s also a great reminder to me that it’s not time to slow down or relax. I’m heading towards my goal and the momentum is strong. Check back next week for another reading with another deck!


Love and light,




The decks used in this post are the The Druidcraft Tarot in combination with the The Druid Animal Oracle Deck. These are wonderful decks to use individually or together.