Witches TowerYou’ve probably noticed that I’ve been a bit MIA when it comes to posting here regularly in the last week. I’m sorry for that, time has been an elusive beast recently. You see, I have all sorts of exciting new projects in the works which have force me to re-evaluate how I’m using my time and where I concentrate my efforts. I’ve decided that I will be doing at least a weekly forecast Tarot post at the beginning of every week and will be doing at least three blog posts each week. However, the Daily Tarot just isn’t feasible at this point in my life.

In light of everything going on and the amazing changes going on in my life, it’s absolutely no surprise to me that the card I drew for today’s post is The Tower. This card comes from the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan. You see, the reason this didn’t surprise me is because the Tower is the harbinger of dramatic change in life. You’ll notice the image here has the top of the tower flying off after being struck by lightning and people falling from the top. The image is quite dramatic and can be intense and frightening. All of this is intentional on the part of the artist as the change that the Tower represents is typically a sudden and dramatic change. That isn’t a reason to fear, though! That’s a common misconception I find with this card. People instantly jump to fear like their life will be eminently falling apart, but that isn’t necessarily what this card is saying.

You see, in a period of life where there are rapid fire dramatic changes in quick succession, even if these changes are overwhelmingly positive, it can leave us in a bit of a flustered state of not quite knowing what’s going on. This is always uncomfortable even if it isn’t bad in the least. It’s in these times that we typically become our own worst enemy. You see, when there are frequent changes bringing you to a place of higher vibration your subconscious tends to jump in to try and “protect” you, even though you don’t need that protection. To truly break through and get to that better place in life, this discomfort or fear must be confronted and pushed through. It’s on the other side of that fear and discomfort that your freedom and what you desire is to be found. In this sense, the Tower can be the make or break moment. It’s the moment that you can push through the dramatic change, roll with it, and overcome the challenges it brings, or you can shrink down and let it all crumble around you. The choice truly is yours, even if you aren’t aware you are making a choice.

Right after the Tower comes the Star, which is healing or the calm after the storm. That can be an amazing place of strength after overcoming the Tower, or it can be the place to heal the wounds from when everything fell apart. Either way, the good news is that there is calm after the insanity of the Tower.

With all of that in mind, I hope you’ll stick around as I shift some things around here at Eclectic Wisdom! One of my biggest projects that I’m really excited about is that I’m actually working on my own Tarot Guide Book! As more comes of it I’ll be sure to update you!

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