The Ace of Pentacles, like all Aces in the Tarot, signifies the beginning of a journey. The suit of Pentacles are usually associated with the element of Earth. The Pentacles also typically deal with the material and with wealth, not just financial wealth, but holistic wealth. As the beginning of a new journey the Ace of Pentacles could be suggesting that now is the time to begin that business venture you have been thinking of. Or, perhaps you find yourself faced with the choice of staying where you are or taking a new position. The presence of this card in a spread suggests that if you’re going to make the change, the time is now! 

Continuing the theme we’ve seen for the last couple of days with the Tower and Death, the Ace of Pentacles also suggests change. It’s a new beginning. It could be indicating that now is the time that you need to introduce something new into your life to bring you into prosperity or to the place you want to be. Maybe it means that help that you’ve needed is coming your way and you need to be open to accepting it. Maybe a new relationship has come into your life that will bring you to a new level of prosperity. 

Ultimately, this card is a suggestion that it’s time to start manifesting your own will in your life. Take control of those things you can, make the changes needed to manifest the prosperity that you desire. This card is a powerful suggestion that now is the time for new things, you have the power in you to get where you desire. Harness it. The gate seen in the Universal Waite Ace of Pentacles is the gateway to unlimited possibilities. All you have to do is step through the gate. The mountains on the other side suggest that the journey may not always be smooth sailing, but it will be worth it. 

When reflecting on this card think about what your desires are. Is there something you’ve been pondering for a while just waiting for the right time? Is there an idea that feels crazy, but you’ve been dying to try? Now is the time. Go for it! Prosperity is in your corner. Trust your intuition and take a step.