Wheel of Fortune Liber T

The Wheel of Fortune is, in my experience, a very misunderstood card in the Tarot. It’s fascinating, in many resources I find that this card has very little description compared with others. Today’s card comes from Liber T: Tarot of Stars Eternal. This deck is very Thoth inspired, but I find it to be a bit more accessible than the Thoth. In this image we see three animals on a turning wheel. The two towards the bottom are holding on and there is a clear clockwise motion from them. The one on the top is resting comfortably, but you can see that it is not unaware of the turning of the Wheel. It is prepared for the inevitability that it will at some point soon be off the top. 

The message of the Wheel of Fortune is that you have likely found yourself caught up in circumstances in your life that you have little to no control over. It is unfortunate, but there are times that there is simply nothing we can do but take what the Universe sends towards us with grace. Grace, however, does not mean apathy. The Wheel is calling on you to take an active role in your life, but understand that what will be will be in the current circumstances. Like the animals in the card you must embrace your place on the Wheel. There are many times in the turning of the Wheel of Fortune that we can’t see the bigger picture, but this is okay. We are still part of the moving and turning of the Wheel. In these times we must let go of our need to know every detail and work to align ourselves with the Universe and its purposes for us. This is never easy, and frankly sometimes it feels all but impossible, but it is hard work that must be done if we are to live up to our higher purposes. 

The Wheel of Fortune turns. Whether you are prepared for its turning or not, it will turn. If you are not prepared it may well roll you over. When you take the appropriate time and do the work to align yourself with the Universe you will find that there are times you are on top of the Wheel, there are times you are on the bottom, but you will be able to understand that it is a cycle. Wherever you are now is not where you will remain for all time. As you come more in line with your higher purpose you will begin to learn that you can help the Wheel move along. 

When meditating on this card today think about the things happening in your life. Do you feel caught in events you can’t control? Do you try to fight against things that seem bigger than yourself only to be steamrolled time after time? If so, take a moment to step back, meditate, center, and ground yourself. Find peace in the situation you are in. Peace doesn’t mean you enjoy or are happy with the situation, it simply means you accept it. Once accepted you will find that you are able to move more naturally with the turning of the Wheel of Fortune knowing that this is only temporary. The Wheel turns ever on. 

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