Three of Cups Tarot MuchaIn a fairly stark contrast from the last few days, today we find the three of Cups from the beautiful Tarot Mucha. The Three of Cups is a very energetic card, and like all threes of the Tarot it represents an initial completion of sorts. Unlike the Three of Swords, though, this is a very encouraging card to find. 

If you take a moment to look at the image of the card you will notice that there is a lot of positive energy. The three women appear to be celebrating, holding their cups aloft. It appears as if they are dancing joyously as if they’ve just herd wonderful news of some sort. This is actually the overarching message of the Three of Cups. It suggests that in life you have recently achieved or will soon be achieving some initial goal you have set for yourself. It is, however, not a solitary achievement. It suggests that this is a time in life where you have been working with others, or perhaps need to be working with others, to achieve a goal. 

Sometimes in life we find ourselves frustrated and stuck in a situation. It seems like all of our efforts are in vain. I find that in these times in life, if the Three of Cups shows up it is typically telling us to take a step back. Are you really as far from your goal as it would seem? Perhaps if you continue working alone you are, and perhaps working alone you will never reach your goal. However, through working with those close to you, relying on their help and through reciprocation, your goal may be closer than you think! 

This is a card of high creative energy. If you’ve been thinking of taking an art class, a music class, starting a new career path, or even starting to learn something like Tarot, this is the perfect time to do so! The Three of Cups is telling you that your energy is exactly where it needs to be to help you in these endeavors at this point in time. Not only that, but this card suggests that this is the opportunity to build lasting friendships and relationships that have the potential to take you to new heights and places in your life. Be on the lookout for those with whom you naturally connect and let that connection go where it will. Don’t force it, though. This card is one of ease and natural energy. 

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