Today’s message comes from the Five of Cups. This is a card of disappointment and disillusionment. Notice in the image that she is upset and disillusioned because of the broken and spilled cups, but she doesn’t seem to notice that she still has two cups that are filled and ready for drinking! How often in life is this the case? We tend to focus on the negative aspects of situations without even noticing that there is a silver lining or that perhaps all is not lost.

In life, failures and difficulties are simply part of the game. The reality is that our intentions and our focus have the ability to change the outcomes in our pursuits. Very often I tell those I do readings for that where we invest our energy is where we receive payouts. In other words: if I focus only on the failures and disappointments, then I am likely to continue to receive more and more of those things. However, if I choose to focus my energy on those cups that are yet untouched and filled with potential I have a much greater chance and probability of finding the success that I am seeking.

Whether we like it or not, failure and disappointment are parts of life that we must deal with. When faced with those aspects of life, wallowing in despair is easy to do. Disappointment and frustration are not wrong. These experiences will happen. However, remember that there is still potential. Those cups that are broken are gone and there is nothing that can be done to change that. Those that are still waiting with potential, though, should not be discounted yet, even if they don’t quite look like what we had originally hoped for.