Witches Five of WandsToday’s card is the most amazingly dramatic rendition of the Five of Wands in my deck collection. This magnificent card comes from Ellen Dugan’s Witches Tarot. I really love this version of this card, honestly more than any other version I’ve found, because it very much embodies how I see the Five of Wands. 

The Five of Wands brings a message of conflict. In my experience this can be either an internal or an external conflict and sometimes it’s both. As the Wands are a suit of action and the elemental association is fire this is typically a pretty fierce and disorienting conflict. In this image we see five dragons each with a rider. The image evokes chaos, confusion, total lack of order, and clear conflict. In this image it’s impossible to work out who is working together, who is after whom, and honestly what’s even happening. This is the very essence of this card. 

There are times in life when we have no clear direction. I think that’s the message of this card for me today. We have clear thoughts and ideas, but no focused direction. This is indicative of an internal conflict when this happens. Sometimes we have so many interests, so many thoughts, and our societies demand so many different things from us that it’s difficult to have a clear idea of what direction we’re meant to be going in. The message of the Five of Wands is simply asking us to be conscious of this. Awareness is always the first step towards correction. Once we’re aware of the internal conflict, only then can we address it. 

Another possibility of this card today is that perhaps you have external conflict causing you to be unclear on your direction or purpose. Just like the internal, the Five of Wands is asking you to look at it clearly. See the conflict for what it is. Only then can it be truly dealt with. Is it a conflict that needs resolved? Is it possibly a conflict from which you need to simply remove yourself? These are only questions you can answer, and only once you’ve clearly identified what the conflict is. 

Ultimately, the message today is one of introspection. Look inward to see the truth in matters. Only then can moving forward become possible. 

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