ISIS Marseilles

The World is always a wonderful card to show up in a spread or reading of any kind. The World that is here is from the Tarot de Marseille developed by the Institute for Study of Initiation and Symbolism. In this depiction we see a more three dimensional rendering of the traditional World from the Tarot de Marseilles.

The thing I love the most about the Major Arcana from the Tarot de Marseilles is the simplicity of them. These are not busy cards, but are quite simple with very clean and clear symbolism. In the case of The World we have a woman dancing in the midst of a laurel wreath. Laurel wreaths traditionally mean completion and victory. Around the laurel wreath we find four animals representing the four elements among other things. 

The World is all about completion, coming to the end of a journey, learning lessons, and enjoying your well-earned success. When the World shows up in a reading it suggest that you are nearing the end of a cycle or the current journey you are on in your life. For me, many times I find the World when I’m working towards something and just need to see that light at the end of the tunnel. The World is the indication that the light is closer than you think and it’s not actually a train coming down the tunnel to roll you over! 

That said, the World is not an ultimate completion. It’s simply the completion of this journey. As such it also indicates the beginning of a new journey and a new work. Because of this there are also warnings and lessons to be found in the World. Sometimes in life we feel like we’re having trouble reaching the end of a journey or getting to a place of completion. In these cases I find that the World is asking us to look back at the events that have happened along the way. What are the lessons that have been missed? Are there things that we have had trouble admitting to ourselves or owning up to? It may be these very things that the World is asking us to confront and integrate into our lives in order to reach the completion of this journey and begin the next.

When meditating on this card think about the current journey you are on in life. Are you reaching that point of conclusion? Does it seem just out of reach? Take a moment to look back and see what lessons there may be that need to be learned. It may also be that the World is telling you right now to take a moment and enjoy your well earned successes. Bask in the completion of a journey and prepare to start out on the next one! 

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