Ghosts & Spirits MagicianThe Magician from the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot is a truly fascinating card and one that I think really brings out the wonder of the Magician. In the traditional imagery of the Magician we see a man balancing the cups, wands, pentacles, and swords with the symbol of the Universe and its power over his head. In this image we see something strikingly different, yet quite similar in meaning. 

I’ll be entirely honest and say that the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot is not one of my favorite decks. I find it too dark and twisted for much normal reading, to be honest. That said, it does strike the right tone for some of the Major Arcana I think and this card is a prime example of that. In this image we see the image of a person in the center with all sorts of things around him. If you look closely you will see the sky, spirits, earth, things that suggest water and fire… all of the elements. Notice that all of this is originating from the person in the center rather than the other way around. This is an image that on the face value can look very intimidating, but the more you look at it the more you see the wonder of it all: this person is the creator of the Universe around them. You can see in the facial expression that this is likely something that they are just becoming aware of as well. 

The Magician is all about your power and your ability to not only affect the Universe around you, but that you actively share in the creative power of the Universe. Within the human spirit and mind is the boundless and limitless knowledge and power of the Universe just waiting to be unlocked. This is something that as children we seem to instinctively know, but as we grow older “common sense” begins to come in and tell us that we are simply tossed on the winds of change and have absolutely no power over any of it. The message of the Magician is a reminder that this simply isn’t true. Yes, there are things in life that we have no control over, but we always have control over our reactions, emotions, and actions. We can choose to be a victim to life, or to become a master over our life and destiny. The Magician is calling on you to remember this. 

If you are going through a time in life where you are just beginning a new path, or perhaps you feel like you’ve been stuck, then the Magician is reminding you that you already have all the tools and abilities at your disposal that you need to get out of your rut or to excel in your new path. You simply have to tap into them. Is this easy? Well, yes and no. It’s easy to harness this power, it’s harder to truly believe and know that you have this within you. In that way the Magician is calling on you to surround yourself with those who help you to see this truth about yourself and to work on building yourself up. Only once you KNOW that you have this amazing connection and co-creation with the Universe can you truly move onto new and amazing levels of life. 

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