Ace of Swords Revelation

The Ace of Swords is, like all of the Aces of the Tarot, a beginning. I find it interesting that many people fear the suit of Swords, but there really is no reason for this. Like all suits there is both positive and negative in this suit. I think it’s because the swords bring fairly intense messages of action and, like the swords themselves, these messages can be double-edged and deeply cutting. The card for today is from the Revelations Tarot.

The Ace of Swords is the clearest and most powerful representation of the suit of Swords. It represents a breakthrough, that light bulb moment in life where suddenly things slide into focus It represents a new idea that has potential to take you to new places. I represents raw power and force of will to make things happen. On the reverse side this can also be a warning not to use too much power, otherwise you may destroy the very thing you desire to create. 

The message of the Ace of Swords is to trust your mind. So much of Tarot is about just intuition, but the Swords are about cutting through the fog, getting to the very root of things and seeing them for what they truly are. Many times in life we romanticize situations and make them better than they truly are or we may even make them worse than they are. The Ace of Swords is all about cutting out the emotion, cutting out the perception, and looking at things for the very core of what they are. These situations can really be anything in life, so whatever it is that you are facing this card has a message for you. In these situations of life, stepping back and looking at them objectively without any expectation, any emotion. Only when we separate ourselves from our desired outcomes and the emotions we have tied to a situation can we see the truth. Once we see the unvarnished truth we can really learn about the situation and “prepare for battle” as it were. 

When meditating on this card today think about what situations in your life require you to peel back the fog and cut through the mess. Is there a situation you are trying desperately to figure out? Watch out for your “aha” moment, it is coming. That moment may not make any sense in the context of what’s going on, but when you clear away the emotion you may see how the idea fits and is the solution you’ve been looking for all along. 

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