The Two of Swords from the Ostara Tarot depicts a blindfolded jay on a nest which is build balancing where two swords cross. This is an incredibly striking image and a powerful one. The message from the Two of Swords today is one of self-preservation and caution; however, it specifically deals with the unhealthy ways we tend to do this. Sometimes we work hard to blind ourselves from difficulties in our lives, we willfully close our eyes so we won’t see the external forces in our life. This allows us to avoid difficult choices that must be made. However, it also keeps us stuck in a precarious and inevitably dangerous situation. 

Many times this blindness comes in the form of busying ourselves with distractions to avoid paying attention to the issues at hand. Sometimes it comes in the form of knowingly lying to ourselves about the truth of an unhappy situation. One of the most important things to note about this image, though, is that the jay is not in any direct danger other than that which he has put himself in. Notice the serene landscape? It’s beautiful, it’s safe, it’s calm. If the jay would drop the self-inflicted blindfold he would see that he has far more options than he feels he has in his precarious position. He has the ability to fly away from the dangerous place and leave it behind for good. This way, when the balancing swords inevitably fall, he will be free of danger. 

Reflecting on this card, are there things in your life you are blinding yourself to? Be careful that in your efforts to protect yourself you aren’t unintentionally creating your own danger. Do you have escape routes? Are things really as grim as they feel? Perhaps in your current space they are, but are you staying willfully, or can you move yourself out of the situations? Remember that leaving doesn’t mean the situation is gone, but it does mean you are actually moving yourself out of harms way and protecting yourself. It may be harder work than staying and closing your eyes, but in the end this work is worth it.