Mythic - Knight of Cups

Today we find the Knight of Cups from the New Mythic Tarot. The Knight of Cups is a card that I closely identify with myself and have since the very first time I saw it. The Knight of Cups is, like all Knights of Tarot, a messenger. He usually brings a strong message of imagination, creativity, passion, and intuition. 

The Knight of Cups is a lover. He is the one who always follows his passions and his heart whether this makes any logical sense or not. Sometimes this can be to an extreme and can cause problems, other times, when aligned with is intuition and higher purpose, it leads him to places others can’t even imagine going. The Knight of Cups is unencumbered by society’s ideas of what should or shouldn’t be and he is completely uninterested in the logic of a situation. 

On thing that I frequently see in readings of this card is the water and the cup in his hands. In my thoughts the water represents the possibilities in your life. If you are thinking about a project or a business or any new venture of any kind, but it seems impossible, perhaps the Knight of Cups has a message for you. You see, the Knights are cards of action. Imagination and dreams, if they stay in your head, are nothing more than imagination and dreams. Putting those dreams and imaginings into action and bringing them into the real world gives them substance. Dreams become goals and imagination becomes reality. The cup in the hands of the Knight is empty. It has potential to hold so much, but potential is useless if it remains only potential. When the cups dips into the water it is given purpose, but will the Knight scoop just a little or will he fill it to the brim? 

A small warning from the Knight of Cups – the heart is important. Listening to your  intuition is one of the best things you can do. However, jumping without looking is not wise. Listen to your intuition, but be careful to not just jump at whatever your heart desires without looking to see if there is a place to land. 

When meditating on this card think about the things that are happening in your life. Do you have dreams that seem impossible? Perhaps this card is calling you to take those dreams out of your head and start putting them into actual action. Make them goals – give those dreams life. Be careful when starting this path that you follow your hear, but also listen to your intuition. When you reach the cup down to dip into the water be sure to fill the cup to the brim and go all the way! Otherwise there is great potential not being used. 

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