The Empress Enchanted

The Empress is deeply connected to the idea of the feminine divine. She is a necessary part of the balance in nature of both feminine and masculine. When the Empress appears in a reading she is typically bringing in the message of connecting with your feminine energy or nature. There are many things that this can mean, but it includes things such as beauty, fertility, nurturing, creativity. This feminine energy resides in all of us regardless of our sex or gender. 

There are times in life when we simply need to take a moment to take care of ourselves. Many times this is a message of the Empress. I especially see this in the image of the Empress in the The Enchanted Tarot. Notice she is sitting on her throne and there is life and abundance all around her. She is being pampered by the life around her, but at the same time she is giving nurturing energy back. You see, a message that I get from the Empress is that we must take care of and nurture ourselves, for without that we can never truly do the same for others. It is impossible to serve from an empty vessel. 

Another call of the Empress is to reconnect with the Universe around you. Get into nature. Go out for a walk barefoot. Take time to sit by the water, or on the mountain, or in the forest, whichever may be closest to you. In our modern lives it is very easy to become disconnected with the world around us that is life-giving to us. When we lose this connection, this grounding, it is easy to feel lost and adrift. The Empress reminds us from whence we came, and asks us to take a bit of time back in nature to reconnect. Sometimes, it’s not even about reconnecting. Sometimes it’s about connecting for the first time. 

As you meditate on this card today think about your life, as always. Have you disconnected from nature and found yourself adrift spiritually? Are you trying to nurture and care for others without first taking time to nurture and care for yourself? Are you trying to serve from an empty vessel? Reconnect. Pursue creative endeavors, take time in nature. Re-energize. Once this is done, reach out to others and connect and you may be surprised at how much more you have to give and how much more open you are to receive as well. 

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