English Magic ChariotThe Chariot is a powerful card and one that challenges us. It can be a card of great fortune or potential disaster, but that’s really okay. The English Magic Tarot version of the Chariot is rather dramatic. It evokes strength, chaos, challenge, blood, fire, smoke…. it’s quite a sight to behold! This contrasts rather extremely with the far calmer and more in control traditional depictions of the Chariot.

In this image we see a light and a dark horse with a rider in a chariot of fire trying to control them both. In the very moment we see in the image we can’t be sure if he’s winning or if the horses are winning. That’s okay, though. That’s part of the message of the Chariot here. The Chariot is all about opposing forces: light and dark, activity and apathy, excitement and boredom, etc. Not only is it about the duality of these opposing forces, it is about trying to control them and make them work together in a single direction for your own good. Just as the man in the image is trying to wrangle two horses that have different ideas of where to go, we often find ourselves trying to wrangle our thoughts that want to go two differing directions or things in life that are opposites.

When the Chariot appears it is typically telling us that it is time to take control of the elements in our lives. Often we will go along for the ride and then end up surprised when we don’t reach the destination we desired. This is what happens when we just follow the whims of the forces in our lives. However, when we take control and make these opposing forces submit to our will we begin to see that we do have control in our lives and are, in fact, the pilot of our life rather than just the passenger.

Now, like I said when I mentioned the image: we aren’t sure if he is winning or the horses at this moment. The point is that who ultimately prevails in this particular situation isn’t as important as the fact that he is taking action to wrangle those things pulling him along and bring them in line with his will. Will the rider crash and burn and fall off? Perhaps. That’s part of life, though. When you fall of, when you crash and burn, remember that we all do that. Even the person who appears to have it the most together crashes and burns at times. What’s important is that you get back into the drivers seat and go again.

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