The Page of Pentacles. I truly love this card. The Hanson-Roberts version of this card is absolutely amazing, as well. You see, the pages of Tarot exude a child-like innocence and energy. The Hanson-Roberts, in my opinion, really drives this childlike image home with the depiction of the pages. The Page of Pentacles is one of shrewd focus on goals, especially those in the financial and material realm. The Page is all about beginnings, starting to do the actual work and really getting things going. 

The Page of Pentacles is one that doesn’t worry too much about all of the “sensible” things telling him to be careful or to make sure all of his ducks are in a row. Rather, he is a person of action. He asks you to stop thinking about the future and to stop being afraid of taking that risk and stepping out on faith in your own abilities. Rather, do it! The Page of Pentacles is a full steam ahead kind of guy. 

Another suggestion of the Page of Pentacles is to diligently learn and tend to your knowledge. Action without knowledge is futile. While the Page of Pentacles does indeed prompt you to action, he asks that the action be informed by study and knowledge. He asks you not to be a master of your craft, but to be well studied enough that you have confidence in your actions. One requirement of prosperity under the Page is that when you begin to take action you continue to tend to your knowledge and never stop learning. The moment you stop learning and decide that you have learned quite enough is the moment you will begin to fail. 

As you meditate on this card think of those places in your life you may be experiencing a challenge to move forward and break new ground. Have you been pondering an action or pursuit that conventional wisdom would say is folly, yet your intuition and everything else tell you to go for it? The Page of Pentacles is backing up that intuition! Trust in yourself and your own power and ability! Go for it! Just me mindful that you never fall into the trap of assuming you have no more to learn. As long as we are living we must be learning or we are stagnating, there really are no other options. 

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