Ace Wands Crystal

The Ace of Wands from the Crystal Visions Tarot is a great way to start off the week. All Aces of the Tarot represent the purest energy of their respective suit and also represent untapped potential. I’ve rarely come across a deck that shows this untapped potential energy better than this magnificent deck. 

The suit Wands represents the element of fire and the more creative energies in life. Many times it can correspond to the home as well. Here, in this particular iteration of the Ace of Wands I see nothing but pure untapped creative energy. In this card we see an ornate wand adorned with crystals and surrounded by flowers. There are also a couple of crystal balls which represent intuition. The thing that stands out the most here, to me, is the baby dragon wrapped around the wand. To me this shows the potential for amazing power and energy that hasn’t been realized yet. This potential has just been given birth and all of the necessary things are around it to allow it to truly bloom into something amazing and powerful, but it is still only just potential. 

The message for today is to remember that you have amazing creative potential in you. In our society we are regularly told that only some people are gifted with creativity. I would say that this is absolutely not true. Just because your creativity doesn’t look like someone else’s doesn’t mean that it is any less creative. This card on this day is a message that if there is some creative endeavor or something that your intuition has been nudging you towards, it’s time to listen and give in. On the other hand if you’ve been hoping for a change in life direction or a change in the way things are going in your life, the coming of this card is perfect. It’s asking you to tap into your intuition. Listen deeply to where that still small voice is leading you. It may not make sense at this moment, but it won’t lead you wrong. Sometimes our intuition and the Universe ask us to leap and believe rather than knowing exactly where a path may lead. When we trust our intuition and the guidance of the Universe amazing things tend to happen! 

When meditating on this card really think about the dragon and all that he represents. The dragon was born directly into the circumstances that will allow it to be the best it can be. It’s pure unbridled potential, but when it grows and uses what it has it will be unstoppable. Remember that you, too, have this same potential in you. Each of us does. Think to your life. Are you looking for a change? Meditate and listen for the guidance of your intuition. Don’t overthink it. Simply listen, and go with what comes. Have you been pondering when to make a move on a creative endeavor? That card is telling you that the time is now. It’s time to tap into your creative potential and make it happen. 

As with all potential, it is nothing if not used. Don’t let the potential go to waste. Harness your inner creative and powerful potential and create something beautiful in your life. 

Are you in love with the amazing imagery of the Crystal Visions Tarot? If so, follow the links in this post or click the image below to add it to your collection.