Today’s card comes from one of my absolute favorite decks. The Shadowscapes Tarot has absolutely amazing and captivating art by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Here we find the Magician perched atop a stone, channeling his power into being in his hands. Hanging from the wings we see the lamp representing fire, the shell representing water, the raven’s feather representing air, and the herbs representing earth. 

The beauty of the Magician in Tarot is that it’s always about harnessing one’s own power. This particular depiction of the Magician tells me a story of harnessing the elements around you, whatever they may be in your life, and using them to create the reality you desire. The Magician here reminds us that we do have the power and ability to shape the world around us through action, word, and deed. 

Are there things in your life that feel out of control and that make you feel like you’re just along for the ride? Why is that? Are thing really entirely out of your control? The Magician here is asking you to look at your life and see where you may simply be relinquishing control, or in other words, creating your own problems and difficulties. In these situation, what tools do you have at your disposal that you may not be using? What lessons may you be refusing to learn? Stop, let the chaos around you swirl. Look at it objectively. Harness your own power and reach out to tame the chaos. Is it work? Definitely. Do you have the power and strength to change and control this reality? Most assuredly. 

The Universe is on your side. You are a beautiful and synchronistic part of the Universe. If you feel out of place, stop and take stock of why. Harness your place in the Universe and remember that the creative power, wonder, and beauty you see all around you also exists within you! You are part of it and have the ability to powerfully shape and change the world around you!