I absolutely love the art of Lisa Hunt found in the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot. The Temperance card is actually probably my favorite card of this deck and it’s a fantastic card to find in a reading as well. This particular illustration of Temperance tells a story of tranquility and peace in the midst of a wild world. Notice that the woman in the image is half in the water and also leaning on the dry ground. Notice that she is part swan and part human? She is evolving from one thing to another and taking her time moving from one place in life to another. She is also adapting from one place of being to another. This is one of the meanings of the Temperance card in a reading. 

Right now in life you may be seeing changes in life. You may be looking for a change. The Temperance card is a reminder to take your time with these changes. Don’t rush things faster than they need to go. Things will happen in the time they are meant to happen. Temperance calls for you to relax and let things happen as they need to. Don’t rush it or you may find yourself in a new situation before you are ready for it. You may find yourself alone in a situation without the help you need. Take time, let the situation evolve. With the particular situation at hand, if it is meant to be it will be.

For me personally this card is actually both amazingly reassuring and frustrating at times. I’m a person that wants things to happen and happen now. I’m not good at waiting at all. That said, it’s also reassuring to realize sometimes that things aren’t entirely in my control and that what will be will be and I’m not always responsible for everything. Temperance reminds me to be patient and that when the time to act comes, it will be apparent and I will be well prepared and positioned to act in the way needed. 

When reflecting on this card think about what areas in life do you wish would just hurry up and happen already? Are there changes you are anxious about? Perhaps you are worried you aren’t acting fast enough or good enough? Let these situations go. Let the Universe work as it needs to. When the time comes to act, you will be ready. If you don’t wait, you may end up messing up the thing you are so anxious for in the first place. 

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