Nine of Swords NecronomiconThe Nine of Swords is a card that always have a negative feel and look to it. Many times it depicts a person sitting up in bed with nine swords pointing away from them in the background. In the Necronomicon Tarot there are two people shown with the swords aiming towards them. This card is a pretty powerful iteration of the Nine of Swords, in my opinion. 

The Nine of Swords deals with anxiety, fear, and suffering. As it is the suit of Swords this card is dealing with the psychological. Because of this the pain being felt isn’t physical pain, but mental and emotional pain typically inflicted on ourselves. One thing to note in this image is that there is a man and a woman facing away from each other. They look angry or anxious. Notice that above each the swords are facing their partner? To me this signifies that there is a lack of trust and that fear and anxiety are directed towards another person. I honestly don’t know if these people are a couple of not, but it truly doesn’t matter as it doesn’t change the meaning here. 

In this case, the card is telling a story of people who have allowed someone else to take their power and strength. Have you ever had a time in life where you didn’t trust someone? This could be something large or small. Perhaps rather than someone it was a something, such as a job or class or exam. During this time you likely felt major anxiety. At times anxiety can become so overwhelming that it actually causes physical symptoms such as sickness, high blood pressure, and more. In these times anxiety is something that is defeating and damaging us. Again, I want to point out that the swords are above the heads of the individuals. This fear and anxiety is a result of our own mind and imagination, but rather than focusing on the truth of a situation or a person, we are allowing our thoughts to remain on the negative “what ifs.” In this way we are allowing things beyond our control, that may or may not even exist, to have power over us. Enough power to even make us sick. 

When meditating on this card take a moment to think about what you are giving your power away to in life. Are there things that are causing you intense stress? Stress and anxiety to the point that they are manifesting physical symptoms? If so, stop and ask yourself if you are actually looking at the reality of the situation or are you creating scenarios in your mind that aren’t actually based in reality. The suit of swords asks you to cut through the crap and get to the heart of the situation. Look at the facts. Sometimes when doing this you may find that you have created a bigger problem and fear than actually exists. Be gentle on yourself. Balance is necessary. Don’t use the amazing power of your mind to only create negative scenarios. Ask the positive what ifs, too! 

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