Here we find a story of an individual who has lived a good life and has found themselves fulfilled and happy. The Nine of Cups is an incredibly positive card, in fact, it may be one of the most positive cards in the entire Tarot deck. The Nine of Cups suggests that trials have been overcome, difficult decisions have been made, but after it all a state of well-being and satisfaction in all areas of life have emerged. Now, this isn’t all a bed of roses, of course, but it suggests that the things for which you have worked so hard for have either come to fruition in a positive way or they imminently will. It’s okay to take pride in your accomplishments and to indulge in a bit of personal celebration!

An important aspect of the Nine of Cups, though, is that this isn’t just success and happiness. This is success and happiness that has come from your own hard work and from the path that you have laid. Typically hard work and personal sacrifice is needed to lead to this point. One thing I absolutely love about the Ellis DecK Nine of Cups, pictured here, is the absolute joy and positive energy that radiates from the image. There’s simply no way to look at the bring colors and artwork and not smile. Everything about it suggests joy and contentment. 

A very good reminder of the Nine of Cups is to count your blessings in life. I have actually found that sometimes this card appears when one simply needs a reminder of how good things actually are. In my own life this card came up today, and it was a particular day of having difficulty seeing the good. Yet, the reminder of this card was pertinent. When stopping to reflect, there is quite a lot to be happy about in my life right now! So, it’s not always about everything being perfect, sometimes it’s a reminder that you have the power to shape your own reality, and sometimes that means stopping and taking stock of all that’s right! You may be surprised by just how much you have to be happy about! 

When reflecting on the Nine of Cups, think about what in life you have to be happy about. What hard work have you done that has led you to better places? Don’t be afraid of taking joy in your own accomplishments! You’ve worked hard for them! Indulge in a little celebration of your own wonder!

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