Life is a series of journeys, projects, cycles, and choices. Many times we find that what we thought was a full project or journey ends up simply being the beginning stage of a much larger journey. This is what we find in the Three of Pentacles. This card is a triumph, an initial completion, or the beginning of true success of a business venture or other material venture. Yet, this is not the full completion. Indeed, it’s only the completion of the beginning stages of this venture. 

The threes of Tarot all indicate an initial completion of some sort. This one is one of the more positive threes of the Tarot. This can be clearly seen in the Three of Pentacles from the Gilded Tarot. In it you see the young man proudly holding the fruit of his labors. Above him you can see two other pentacles that he has completed. Yet, the flame is still roaring, the anvil is still hot, and the tools are still in his belt. He has much more work to do. One message of this card is to take time and relish your victories. Celebrate your achievement, but don’t rest yet. You aren’t done. This may be a critical juncture in your particular venture and if you stop now it will likely be to your detriment. You are still very much at the beginning of this particular venture. 

One lesson that is hard to learn for many is to learn to trust in others and collaborate. The Three of Pentacles is an invitation to collaborate. Listen to the council of others. Trusting in yourself is definitely needed and powerful, but that doesn’t mean that taking wise counsel from those who have walked the road before you or one who simply can see the full picture from the outside is not needed. That said, be careful when selecting partners in whom to confide and those in whom you place trust. You need to be sure that they are as diligent in their work as you and share the vision you have. Otherwise they will likely drive you in the wrong direction. It may still be a good direction, but it will not be the one you desire to go. 

As you meditate on this card think of those victories that you are either celebrating or nearing in your life. Relish these experiences. Truly celebrate. That said, be careful not to lose sight of your goal! In addition to this, look for those who can help you reach your ultimate goal. You will need their help to get where you want. 

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