The Star Healing Light

After a few days absence because of personal reasons today’s Daily Tarot is an amazing message for me and I hope it is just as amazing for everyone reading this. Today’s message comes in the form of The Star from Healing Light Tarot. I absolutely love the fascinating imagery of this deck as it truly is a springboard for the imagination and intuition. The Star, while one of my favorite cards of the Tarot, is definitely my favorite card of this deck. 

One of my favorite things in this particular illustration of the Star is the prominence of the eight stars. This card is the 17th card of the Major Arcana. In numerology this equals eight (1+7=8) which is the number of strength. This is an amazing quality of the Star itself. You see, the Star immediately follows the Tower in sequence. The Tower speaks of violent and sudden change in life. Even if this change is for the better, the Tower is almost never easy to deal with. The Star suggests that you’ve survived the sudden upheaval and have come through. Perhaps you aren’t unscathed, but you’ve survived. The Star is a time for accepting all of the damage that may have been done, your own faults and fears, and loving yourself in spite of these things. 

The ultimate message of the Star is one of self-love, healing, strength and growth. You see, in my own life I’ve recently gone through some very trying times. The time of the Tower indeed! Between health, finances, and everything in between it’s been a very rough go recently. The Star suggests that the calm is here. It’s time to rest, look up, see the beauty of life again. Now is a time of healing, a time or renewing belief in yourself and your own strength. That is the strength that got you through the rough time, whether you realized it or not. It’s time to embrace that strength and learn to radically love yourself. We are all taught by society, it seems, that we are broken and hopelessly so. The Star is a strong reminder that this is adamantly NOT the truth. You are beautiful, you are strong, you are worthy. You may have been harmed and injured emotionally, spiritually, even physically by life, but it is a time of healing and a time to remember all of the wonder of YOU. 

As I said, this is a timely message in my life. I hope that it is for you, dear reader, as well. 

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