Today’s card is the Six of Stars from the Lost Tarot of Nostradamus. I absolutely LOVE this deck because the images are unlike any other deck I’ve seen. The suit of Stars in the Lost Tarot of Nostradamus corresponds to the traditional Suit of Swords. In this card we see a dove carrying an olive branch. This is a familiar image to many. Here it signifies a journey. The message of the Six of Stars today is one of a new journey in life. This may be physical travel, but it also may be emotional or physical. This could indicate a new idea that it’s time to take action on, or perhaps a new place of work. The most important message of this card, though, is that it’s time to move. 

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in places that may be comfortable, but they are becoming stagnant and not bringing the kind of stimulation that is necessary for us to thrive or grow. Stagnation eventually begins to eat away at us, and while we may feel comfortable it won’t take long until we begin to feel the effects of this stagnation in every aspect of our lives. The Six of Stars calls on us to step out of our comfort zone. Is there something you have been contemplating in your life? Now is the time to take action. Is there a big more or perhaps a career move you have been considering? Stop considering and go. The olive branch in the dove’s mouth suggests that there is real growth and life to be found out there. That said, it requires us to step beyond where we are to find it. The dove can only bring us so much. We have to go and get it. 

One thing to bear in mind is that starting a journey doesn’t guarantee success, but each new journey we begin will bring lessons and growth. Many times we allow the fear of failure to stop us. It really shouldn’t, though. Even failure can be a stepping stone to grow into newer and better versions of ourselves. Ultimately, each new journey is a way for us to become more fully who we are. This card is challenging us to step out without fear and begin the journey, regardless of what the outcome may be. 

In meditating on this message today think about those places in your life where things may be growing stagnant. Are there things you’ve been thinking about or wanting to do? Now is the time to take action! The Suit of Stars, and traditionally Swords, are cards of action. They call us to take action and put thought into motion.