Judgement is a card that I find often rises in times of life when wise thought is needed. Typically, Judgement calls upon you to take a step back and take stock of life and the situations at hand. Often times we find ourselves feeling stuck or possibly lost in life with no direction. In these times, Judgement asks us to look at our life with an objective eye. What patterns are there in our lives that are leading to this? Are there certain themes that play out time and time again that, if proper attention were paid to them, we could change? 

Through this type of meditation and work we can many times have revelations that will open us up to new and better ways of life. This can look different for different people. For some it may look like cutting things out of life that no longer serve them. For others it may mean taking on things that they have been afraid of. For yet others it may mean opening themselves up to living in a way that is more true to themselves and their desires in life. 

Judgement suggests that one has looked back at their life and learned lessons that will help them make better and more fruitful decisions in their life going forward. It is about letting go of painful and harmful memories that are holding you back in life. In a way, it’s about absolution, but not from an outside source, from yourself. It’s about forgiving yourself from those things that you have done that have brought harm to you or others in your life. 

While meditating on this card take time to look at those places in your life where you need forgiveness from yourself. In what ways may you have been holding yourself back? Are there decisions in your life that require careful reflection, and ones that you may be able to inform by taking stock of the past? Judgement calls on you to not be afraid of change, but to embrace it. Yet, don’t dive headlong into the change. Take time to look at the options and make sure you are prepared to move forward. Overall, be kind to yourself. No one can hold a grudge against you quite like you can. 

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