The Moon Ellis

As you can see from the card image, the Moon can be an ominous card to find. I’ve honestly never found a deck that has a more ominous looking moon than the Ellis decK (Yes, the K is capitalized on purpose. That’s the name of the deck).

There’s an idea that the moon is a negative card and in many Tarot resources you will find this. I, however, largely disagree with this idea. For me, when I find the Moon in a reading it’s often a warning or a guiding post. You see, at night things appear distorted and out of shape. Notice in the image of the card that there is a face in the water. This is the reflection of the moon on the water, the actual moon has no such sinister features. Also notice that on the left that there is a hand reaching towards the moon and on the right there are trees. This is how the night is. 

Have you ever been outside at night and seen something that appeared quite ominous? Perhaps it was something as mundane as a tree stump, but in your mind it became something far more sinister and frightening. You see, your brain was filling in the missing information. Typically when we think about things with our waking mind we fill in the missing pieces, and usually with the most frightening version of reality possible. The Moon, in my view, is a warning against this. It’s a reminder to rely on your intuition. Your intuition is one thing that you can absolutely trust. It will always guide you in the direction that is best for your highest good. At night, your intuition will not guide you wrong, but your waking mind frequently will. 

The message of the Moon today is to take a step back. What areas of your life are you filling in the missing pieces with your waking mind and filling them in with the worst possible scenario? What areas of your life should you be relying on your intuition, but instead you are overthinking? Stop overthinking. Allow your intuition to take control. 

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