Often when The World shows up in a reading the focus is on endings and the completion of a cycle. What is less often focused on is that this also signifies the beginning of a new cycle and a new journey. The Major Arcana of the Tarot tells the story of the Fool’s journey. The World is the culmination of this journey. That said, this journey is cyclical. An ending is also a beginning. Whether this is a happy beginning or not is entirely up to you, though. Each new beginning is a chance to start a new and more positive cycle than the last. It’s a chance to set your intention anew and leave behind whatever failures the last cycle may have held.

Take today to reflect on what The World may mean for you. What endings are there and what new beginnings do they bring? Be intentional when setting your thoughts and goals for this new beginning in life.


Pictured: The World from Ostara Tarot