The Ten of Swords is a card that many fear. It’s a card that is always unpleasant looking, no matter the deck. Frequently this card is associated with betrayal or backstabbing. In this particular version of the card from the Lord of the Rings Tarot it really drives that particular meaning home through the text on the bottom. However, I believe that there is another meaning of this card that isn’t quite so dramatic, but just as poignant. The Ten of Swords, like all tens of the Tarot, is an ending of a cycle and thus the beginning of a new. The Ten of Swords indicates definite endings. Whatever this is, it is an ending that involves pain, typically emotional and possibly personal pain. Perhaps a job or a friendship is ending in a way that you had not desired, or perhaps there has been a mental toll taken as a result of an ending. This is all indicated in the Ten of Swords. 

In my personal readings I always try to find what the positive messages of a card may be. This is a difficult card to find something positive in, but if there is anything it’s the silver lining that the situation at hand is at an end. Perhaps there has been pain, and the pain of it may continue, but there is a new beginning in sight. This new beginning is one where you have the power and the ability to make something entirely new and, if paid attention to, the lessons you learned in the previous cycle can be used to help avoid experiencing this same heartache and pain again. 

When reflecting on this card it’s important to think about what things in your life may be coming to an end. What things may need to come to an end as they have served their purpose and are now bringing about pain? Is there something you can learn from this experience? If so, how can that enrich your future. 

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