Revelation Seven of PentaclesToday our card is the Seven of Pentacles from the Revelations Tarot. The Revelations Tarot is a fascinating deck as it doesn’t use any of the traditional Rider-Waite based imagery and each card is illustrated with a specific natural and reverse position image. This is one of the few decks that I read using reversals as it is intentionally designed to be used in such a way. 

The Seven of Pentacles is always an interesting card, but this version of the card is an incredibly fascinating one.This card speaks to the need for patience, specifically in material pursuits. If you are building a business, saving for something, or working towards any kind of goal this card is speaking for the need for patience. At times goals, specifically if they are dealing with your lifestyle or financial stability, may seem either incredibly out of reach or like they are ever out of reach. If you notice in the image of the card you will notice that the pentacles are in various states of materializing. There are a couple that are fully materialized, but the rest are slowly coming into being. This indicates that these goals you are working towards are ones that take time, continual work, and a good deal of patience. 

It’s important while working towards these goals to be careful not to overwork or strain yourself. If you do this you risk becoming the reverse image of the man who is angry and crying out in rage and pain. He feels as if all of his efforts are in vain because he wants his goals to be met instantaneously and feels that he’s worked so hard that he deserves things to be done now. The upright man is calm and confident. He understands that the storms and trials are all part of the path towards the goal of his prosperity. He is able to see that things are manifesting exactly in the way he desires, even if they are taking longer than he had hoped. 

A major call of this card today is to stay the course. Understand that all things will happen in their time. It is a reassurance that your work and toil is not in vain. You are moving towards your goals. Perseverance and patience are needed to get there, but if you walk away, or burn yourself out, or lose sight of the goal, those things that are manifesting may yet be lost. 

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