Seven of Cups Today we find the Seven of Cups. This card is a challenging one. The Seven of Cups from the Lord of the Rings Tarot is probably my favorite depiction of it I’ve seen. This is largely because I’m a huge Tolkien nerd and this was the first version of this card that really hit home to me in a major way. You see, the Seven of Cups is all about illusion and false choices. 

The reason this version of the card hit home to me is because it is the seven Palant√≠ri or Seeing-stones are magical objects in Tolkien’s Middle-earth that allow the wielder to see long distances and visions. The problem with this is that they are linked. Stronger minds peering through other stones can control the images the the weaker minds see. They can distort the images. In the Lord of the Rings this reality even claimed the life of a ruler of a great city because it drove him to despair. 

The Seven of Cups is a warning in life to be careful of the choices before you. Look at things for what they are. You see, as human beings we have an amazing ability to deceive ourselves. I’ve talked before in my blogs about dreams, but this is the darker side of dreams. Sometimes our dreams become illusions and we get so caught on them that we fail to see that actual reality of a situation. Sometimes, we are looking through the Seeing-stone of our dreams and seeing what things look like rather than what things really are. This leads us to make the wrong choices and go down roads that are not best for us. It is a call to take stock of what’s happening in life and to separate the illusion from the reality. Don’t be like Denethor, the aforementioned ruler in Lord of the Rings and give into the illusion. 

You see, the most poignant part of Denethor’s madness is that had he taken time to look at actual reality he would have seen that the corsair ships he saw in the Palantir weren’t coming to destroy him like he thought, they were actually his salvation and that salvation of his city. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the Seven of Cups. Seeing things clearly is necessary to see how to move forward. 

When meditating on this card think about the things in your life. Are there choices in your life that you are having a hard time making? Are you sure all of those choices or situations are real? Be careful to look at reality for what it is. Sometimes this means putting down our dreams and looking at the much harsher reality. Choices must be made rooted in fact. 

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