For the firsNostradamus Two of Starst Daily Tarot in a while we find the Two of Stars from the The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus. The suit of Stars in this esoteric deck correlates roughly with the suit of Swords in the traditional Tarot. This card seems to be a very appropriate card to show up at this point in time. This card deals with balance, which should be pretty obvious from the scales seen above the women in the image. 

A deeper though that only balance, though, is that sometimes in life we are seeking balance but feel like we may be stuck in a place between opposing forces or things in our lives. Many times we may find ourselves in an impossible situation where we feel we must choose between two things that we really cannot choose between. In reality, both of these seemingly opposing things must exist in our life at this time. This card is speaking to finding the balance between these things. In these situations it may be challenging to find the balance that we need because of our own emotional attachment to the energies at work in the situation. The Two of Stars is calling for impartiality when approaching these situations in life. If this is where you find yourself at this moment then you need to either step back and look at it without emotion or, more importantly, seek out a trusted friend who you know will be impartial and honest with you and help you find what you can’t see alone. 

The Two of Stars is a challenging card, but it’s not a negative card. It is one that seeks to help in a difficult period of life by cutting through the fog and getting straight to the heart of the matter. This is the way in which this suit relates to the suit of Swords in the traditional Tarot. 

One warning that lies in this card is a stark one: be wary of deceit and duplicity in your life at this time. There may be those forces that seem honest and caring, but they serve only to pull you off course and deeper into imbalance. To counter these forces you should still reach out to those you know and love and who are trusted advisers who have made their trustworthiness known in the past. 

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