Eight of Wands - Rosetta

The Eight of Wands is a powerful card to find at this time. Notice how this card from the Rosetta Tarot seems to be simply emanating with power? To my mind this card’s art brings to mind forces coming together to create explosive creative energy. This is exactly what the Eight of Wands is trying to convey. 

When the Eight of Wands appears it is an indication that your energy and the Universe are aligned in a way that can help you move forward. Unlike many forward moving cards, this isn’t one that is saying to take your time. In this case, this explosive energy is here now and it’s ready. It’s an opportunity that if you miss, you’ve missed it. The Eight of Wands is telling you that everything has come together at this moment in time to propel you forward. 

One thing I love about the Eight of Wands is that in all modern Tarot decks you will notice that there is a sense of motion. They may be different in their nuance, but they are universal in the sense of rapid forward motion. There’s a reason for this strong directional movement. This is one of those light bulb moments in life! The light is on, there’s inspiration! However, light bulbs can be short lived. Once their illumination is gone it is impossible to get it back. While in the light of this moment it is important to communicate with others and to listen while taking action. This is the time for insight. 

Another possibility of the Eight of Wands is that this is the perfect time to connect with higher energies and powers. If you have been attempting a connection to higher things, this card is an indication that the channel is open. Act quickly! Listen, speak, act. 

As you meditate on this card today think about the places in your life you feel you may be ready to act. Don’t hesitate. The time is now, listen to the intuition telling you to act! When things align properly for you to achieve, whether this is materially or spiritually, then act. If you wait too long or overthink you may miss the window of opportunity. One catch to forward motion in all Eight of Wands, this motion is short lived. It will rapidly propel us forward, but we must catch the tide while it is in.