New Mythic Page of cupsThe Page of Cups from The New Mythic Tarot is an interesting one. It depicts a version of a story that many have heard: the story of Narcissus. In case you don’t know the story, Narcissus was a boy who was so protected from the world that he wasn’t even allowed to see his own reflection. One day, when he was by the water he happened to look in and saw a beautiful youth there in the water. Narcissus was taken by this youth, not aware that it was his own reflection. He eventually realized that it was his own reflection and ended in despair over the one he had fallen in love with, but could not have. The ending and details of the story differ depending on the source, but that’s the basic gist.

As the Page of Cups he is an interesting choice. The Page of Cups, like all pages, is youthful, fragile, naive… here we find one who is finding himself for the first time. In the image of Narcissus staring into the cup we find the image of a youth who, rather than being full of himself, is falling in love with the wonder of himself. Many times in society we hear the message that it is wrong to love ourselves, but this isn’t actually true in the least. We must love ourselves. If we cannot love ourselves then we have no well to draw from to spread love to others. Certainly, as is the case with Narcissus, we don’t want to fall so hopelessly in love with ourselves that we block the rest of the world out, but there’s something profound in choosing this character as the Page of Cups since this member of the Courts in the suit of Cups typically represents creative beginnings and powerful youthful energy.

The message from the Page of Cups here today is actually quite simple: love yourself. In the hustle and bustle of the world around you it’s easy to put yourself last. The Page of Cups is a reminder that you can only do this for so long before things start to fall apart. The well will dry up, it’s only a matter of time. It may already be dry and you can feel it. Take some time to love yourself. If you have never discovered this love of yourself, set your intention to do so. Discover the wonder of who you are. Dare to look deep into the cup and see your reflection. Don’t look at all of what you perceive to be flaws, look at the beauty. It’s there. Fall in love with yourself. When you truly love yourself and understand the miracle and wonder that you are it changes so many things in life. Then, once you’ve found that love, don’t just hold it in and love only yourself, share that love. Help others discover the wonder of themselves. This is the message of the Page of Cups today.

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