Queen of Pentacles - Nostradamus

The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus is a fascinating deck. The symbolism is entirely unique, yet the messages are quite powerful. This is what I consider a true hidden knowledge deck. Today’s card is the Astronomer of Spheres. She correlates with the Queen of Pentacles in the more traditional Rider-Waite based Tarot decks. Her message today is a powerful one. 

The Astronomer of Spheres tells us to reach deep within yourself and find your own inner power. She is the ultimate encourager. One of the key messages of this card is that no matter what is against you or who is telling you that you are not enough or that you can’t succeed, believe in your own spirit and power and know that you can. Reach for the stars no matter who is telling you that you can’t.

On the flip side of this, the Astronomer of Stars, while being an amazing encouragement, she can also be a very difficult one to find in a spread. You see, she requires us to have honesty with ourselves. It is possible to reach for the stars, you must do so with honesty and looking at the reality of the situation. Simply following fantasy isn’t something that will get you where you need to be. She is a practical encourager and guide, but one that insists that while shooting for the stars you remain very grounded in truth.

A warning to be had from her is to be careful of your negative thoughts. They have incredible power, and often we give them more power than our positive thoughts. Negative thoughts have the tendency to overwhelm and crowd out all else. Whether this is your failures that continue to haunt you, your fears, or simply your lack of belief in yourself, if you aren’t careful these things will rob you of all ability to push forward and create the reality that you desire. The Astronomer of Spheres warns against this.

When meditating on this card consider those things in your life that you allow fear to block. What are those things that you simply feel that odds are overwhelmingly stacked against you?  Take a strong look at the reality of this situation. Are the odds actually as against you as you perceive them to be? Or are your own negative thoughts clouding the truth? Listen to the encouragement of the Astronomer. Shoot for the stars. When those doubts and external negative influences come against you, find your ground and shoot anyway. You may surprise yourself with what you have the power to achieve.

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