Wildwood Ten of VesselsToday we continue the theme of prosperity and plenty that’s been going on for the last several days in the Daily Tarot draws. I would like to note that each day I actually draw a card. I don’t just choose a card to continue a theme, so when a theme appears it is a message that the Universe is intent on delivering! Here we find the Ten of Vessels from The Wildwood Tarot. This card correlates to the traditional Ten of Cups. The Wildwood Tarot is an interesting deck. It draws from nature and doesn’t follow the Rider-Waite symbolism much, if at all, yet the images are amazingly profound in their own way. The image of our card today is a pretty clear image, you can see the abundance literally overflowing at a glance!

Here you can see a waterfall that, while it may not seem grand, it hits the ground and splashes out in all different directions. It creates an absolutely gorgeous cascade of water all around the rocks and give life to all that it touches. As I said in yesterday’s Daily Tarot, water is the essential element of life on Earth. In yesterday’s card we saw the potential of its life giving energy and the creation it inspires. Today we see the ultimate fulfillment of this energy. The meaning is clear: while it may start out as a trickle, following your intuition and dream will lead to a powerful flow of energy that not only gives life to you, but to all that comes in contact with it. It is an unavoidable consequence of living truly in your own powerful truth and aligning with the Universe and your higher self.

What is your higher purpose and self, you may ask. Well, that’s the amazing part of it. You get to choose that! You get to tap into the wellspring of your own creative energy and choose that. The message of the card today is that when you are working at your highest vibrational levels and truly living into your truth, not only will life and joy come into your life, you will also spread that into the lives of all of those around you. Is there something you are working on in your life right now? The message of this card is that if this is something that brings you joy, keep going! It may feel like there is no pay off at this moment, but remember that just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Hold onto your belief in what you are doing, and when the time comes the trickle will become and unstoppable roar. See the success, believe it, hold onto it, and it will manifest when the time is right. The waterfall in the image didn’t start as the roaring powerful one we see here. It started as a mere trickle that couldn’t fill even one of the ten vessels we see. At this point, however, it is not only filling the ten vessels, but overflowing with the powerful energy of creation.

This is your message for today. As you meditate on it think of what brings you life. What brings you joy? Are you filling your life with those things? If not, why not? Focus on your joy and passion, that is what can change the world.

The sublime The Wildwood Tarot can be yours by following any link in this post. This is an excellent starter deck if you aren’t interested in the traditional imagery.