Today’s message comes from the Hanged Man. When I first started learning the Tarot no other card in the Major Arcana confounded me more than the Hanged Man. Was it negative? Was it positive? Was it a warning? Was it an affirmation? As time went I came to learn that the simple answer was yes… and sometimes no. The Hanged Man is a very complex card and can have multiple messages depending on the question, the spread, and even the deck.

Today’s Hanged Man comes from the Aquatic Tarot. The message of this card today is peace and serenity. The Hanged Man signifies a situation in life that may be beyond your control. These situations can be incredibly difficult to deal with as we typically all want to maintain control over life. For me, particularly, this message rings home right now and it’s a recurring message to me. The Hanged Man us suspended upside-down, but notice the total calm and acceptance in his facial expression. In addition to this is the soft glow of light resembling a halo around his crown. He has accepted his situation and has found peace where he is. Sometimes in life we must simply let go. We find ourselves in situations that may or may not have been of our own creation, but either way, they are situations entirely out of our control at this point. Whether we had a hand in creating the situation we find ourselves in our not, we must let go. Let go of the need for control. Let go of guilt. More than anything let go of the “could have, should have, would have,” thoughts and questions. We are where we are.

From this vantage point, meditation and introspection can show us new doors and new options that perhaps we would never have seen otherwise. Perhaps it’s little surprise that traditionally Death is the next card in the Major Arcana. Death, in the Tarot, typically represents new birth and new beginnings. From the vantage point of the Hanged Man, perhaps this is setting us up to see these new beginnings and situations.

Take some time today. Meditate on those things that feel out of control or you may feel overwhelmed by. Intentionally stop. Rest. Let go. See what doors may begin to reveal themselves from that vantage point.