Shadowscapes TowerThe Tower is always an ominous and challenging card. Shadowscapes Tarot brings an otherworldly sense of wonder to the Tower, but I find that it actually makes it a bit more frightening. 

In truth the Tower is not typically something to fear, although it does typically lead to uncomfortable life situations. The language of Tarot is symbolism and the symbolism of the Tower is pretty clear even to those who know nothing about Tarot: it’s destruction and chaos. It’s sudden and violent upheaval. In this image you see a beautiful tower that has been suddenly and violently brought down by a massive lighting strike. We don’t know if there was a brewing storm or if this was a random act of nature or divine, but we do know that the Tower will never be the same again. In addition to the sudden upheaval we can see that the Tower and the tree that it was in is on fire which threatens the things built around it. 

Sometimes in our lives the upheaval represented by the Tower is necessary. It is sometimes the impetus to shake us out of destructive patterns. Sometimes it is the sudden wake-up call that we need to light a fire under ourselves. Other times, it truly seems pointless and random, but it’s upheaval just the same. One of the biggest messages of the Tower is that this upheaval is unavoidable and is often caused by outside forces. This doesn’t mean that we couldn’t affect the outcome at all, but it does mean that at the point where we find ourselves, this is happening and imminently. When the Tower comes it nearly always feels like life is crumbling around us. Sometimes it may feel like it’s the end of life as we know it, and honestly it may well be, but it’s always important to remember that as difficult as this upheaval is it is not the end. We can pick up and either rebuild what we had, or even better, build something new in the place of what was. 

One question I’m asked frequently is what kind of upheaval could the Tower represent. Honestly, nearly anything. It could be the revelation of a bitter betrayal, it could be the loss of a job, it could be a medical event, it could be nearly anything. In a full Tarot spread the nature of the Tower is revealed by the cards around it and its position in the spread. In this single reading it’s not referencing any specific event, but is more a message that those who are going through sudden and unexpected and unwelcome upheavals in life: don’t let it destroy you. Look around you, see what lessons you can learn that can help you be more prepared for life’s unexpected upheavals in the future and know that brighter days are ahead! 

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