Like all tens of the Tarot, the Ten of Pentacles is a completion. This is actually an incredibly optimistic card to find in a reading! The message of the Ten of Pentacles is one of happiness and completion. It suggests that everything will eventually all come together. While sometimes in the course of life we tend to get overwhelmed and wonder if everything is worth it, the Ten of Pentacles tells us that our toils and troubles are indeed worth it. 

Notice the silhouette of the family at the bottom of the image. To the left is the man or woman who has worked long and hard and toiled seemingly endlessly through their life. Yet, here in their sunset years they see the fruit of all their labors. They are able to pass on security and stability to those whom they love. Their work has been worth it. Like all tens, though, this is not an ultimate ending. All endings are the beginning of something new. At this point it’s time to start on the next journey. This couple be for the next generation, it could be the completion of one professional journey or career and the beginning of another. There are multiple things that this beginning could be. 

The Ten of Pentacles also points to the importance of family in helping us on our journey. I always like to point out that, in my view, family is not always blood. They are those that surround us with love and support. Chosen or blood, family is family. The Ten of Pentacles is a message to look to your family and remember that you are not alone on the path of life, even if sometimes it feels it. Human beings have a way of secluding ourselves and convincing ourselves that we are alone, even when we aren’t in any way. This is the reminder of the Ten of Pentacles. 

When meditating on this card think about those pursuits in your life that are overwhelming. Is there something specific that comes to mind? Perhaps this card coming into your life at this moment is a gentle message from the Universe that you are on the right course and things will work out the way they need to? Perhaps you find yourself in a place where you feel alone. In that case, it is possible that this card is reminding you to look for your family, blood or chosen. They will help you. They are ready to help you and are waiting, but you will have to step in and accept that you need and could use it. 

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