The Ten of Wands is a fascinating card to show up in my life right now. It honestly couldn’t be more appropriate for where I am! This particular illustration of the card, from the New Mythic Tarot, is incredibly apt.

The Ten of Wands indicates the completion of a journey that is also the beginning of a new one. I’m this image we see a man who has been on a journey. His boat left abandoned in the background because he no longer needs it, but his ten Wands around him as he braces for the next leg of his journey.

The message of this card is one of heavy burdens, but house that have been willingly taken up on the journey. These are burdens that the bearer has chosen to take on and carries willingly knowing they will help them get where they want to be. This card signifies a need for conscious attention to the burdens one carries and calls for responsibility. Perhaps there are things in life that you no longer need to hold, but rather need to delegate to others? Perhaps there are burdens that your simply no longer need.

This card also reminds you to focus on your goal. You’ve made it far asking your path and are well beyond the starting phases. When this card appears in a reading it is a sign that your are beginning to see the rewards for your labor or that you will soon begin to see the rewards after much hard work, but there is now a new labor needed to continue cultivating what you’ve started.

A warning of the Ten of Wands, though: be careful not to overburden yourself. Remember that asking for and accepting help is not a shame. Overburdening yourself will only cause failure, even if not permanent.

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