Holy Light Ace of CupsThe Tarot of the Holy Light is a very esoteric deck. I’ll be honest, it’s one that challenges me, but today’s card, the Ace of Cups, is one that I absolutely LOVE from this deck because the imagery is so amazing and speaks to me so much.  You see, the Ace of Cups is about overflowing potential. As all of the Aces of the Tarot, this is a representation of the purest potential of its element and representations. In the case of the suit of Cups this is emotion, creation, creativity, life, and the element of water.

In this image we see a fountain of water that is simply overflowing. This is a common theme with the Ace of Cups, but I really love this one because there appears to be multiple levels trying to contain the water, but it bursts through each level. It simply cannot be contained. Again, this relates to the emotional and creative energy that each of us has, but on a more fundamental level I love this card because of the flowers, greenery, and the fish that surround it. You see, these are all symbols of life and water is the most fundamental element of all life on this Earth. Without water none of us could exist. We all require it and it is the most abundant resource we have. In this card we see the wellspring of life and creation.

The message of this card today rings out loud and clear to me: this wellspring exists not only in nature and the Universe, but within you. You have access to the deepest wellspring of creation and creativity in you. It is there just waiting for you to tap into it. The Universe wants to share this powerful energy with you and right now you where you are in your life you have ideas and dreams that feel impossible. The Ace of Cups is here to say that these things are not impossible. The only thing that makes them impossible is the limiting beliefs that you have around them. These beliefs may or may not be conscious, but they are limiting you from receiving and creating exactly what you desire in your life.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the process of creation is painless. It isn’t and never has been. Look at birth. Look at growing up. Look at the cycle of life and death. Growth and creation is often painful and challenging, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth it. There are many flowers on our planet that will fight to grow through nearly any surface and any obstacle to reach the sun and thrive. To give birth to your dreams you must become that flower and be willing to do the hard work and fight to see the sun. Just remember that you aren’t fighting alone. You have the wellspring of creation and imagination on your side. The Universe is right there ready to meet you and aid you in the work you are doing and what you desire. To do that, though, you must be conscious about what you are putting out and what you are saying that you want. Either way it will take root in the utter potential represented here and come to fruition. Be sure that what you are sending out is what you actually desire to grow.

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