Wizard's StrengthStrength is one of the Major Arcana that I struggled with for quite a while. It’s one that has really spoken to me personally quite a bit, but it’s also one that I think has a powerful message for most people. Our card for today is Strength from The Wizards Tarot, which is an absolutely fascinating deck that leads the reader through a magical journey through a wizard’s school. The Strength card shows a figure identified in the accompanying materials as the Professor of Familiars.

The Strength card is typically represented with a woman and a lion, but this one with the woman and a wyvern is actually even more amazing than the traditional, to me. You see, I love fantasy and dragons have been something I’ve been in love with for as long as I can remember. If dragons were in our world they would be powerful, beautiful, amazing, and highly dangerous. In this image it would appear that the woman has no fear of the wyvern, but this isn’t necessarily true. She knows the danger of it. Fear is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be a healthy thing. Fear is the thing that keeps us from doing reckless and harmful things, it protects us, but it can also harm us if we allow it to control us. In this image we see a woman who is incredibly intelligent. That intelligence gives her a healthy fear of the wyvern’s strength, but because she is in control that fear translates into respect for it. If fear were in control then she would likely act reckless and end up provoking harm from the creature.

You see, this is the strength being spoken of in this card today: having control over one’s thoughts and mind. It isn’t brute force strength. It’s mental and emotional strength. The message of Strength today is that there are times that we come into situations in life where we feel fear. Often we are taught that this is a bad feeling, but it isn’t, not if you have the strength to harness your thoughts and feelings and use them. The message here today is to be mindful of your feelings and emotions. For what reason are you feeling what you are feeling? Is it a feeling that is needed and trying to tell you something, or is it a feeling that you have allowed to control you therefore taking control of your path away from you. When this happens the reality is that you have relinquished your control to an emotion, rather than remaining the driver of your life.

When meditating on this card today think about what fears you have in your life. Are these fears valid? If so, are you allowing the fear to drive you, or are you taking control and using the fear to find the mental strength to do what you need to do? Are you allowing circumstances to drive you, or are you tapping into the Universal Intelligence and your Higher Self and using that strength found there to drive your circumstances?

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The Wizards Tarot is a truly stunning and unique deck. To add it to your collection you can click the links in this post or the image below.