December 4, 2017 – The Sun

Hanson-Roberts The Sun

The Sun


The card you have been drawn to this week is the The Sun. Of all the cards in the Tarot to find at the beginning of the week I would say that this is the best! You see, the Sun is the quintessential YES card! It is a card filled with vitality, life, positivity, affirmation, and love. Finding this card at the beginning of your week is truly a powerful omen.

The message of this card for you this week is to trust yourself, your higher purpose, and the Universe. Everything is aligned in your favor. That thing you’re thinking about and wondering whether you should do it? Yes! Trust your instincts and intuition. It is guiding you where you need to be. If you’ve come through some challenging times then take a moment this week to bask in the sun. For the moment, all is well. This doesn’t mean that things will always remain so, but take advantage of it while it’s here. As you bask in the Sun remember the divinity within yourself. Remember that you are a co-creator with the Universe and that you have the power and ability to shape your life with each choice that you make. Right now is a time of powerful energies working in your favor! Tap into them and ride with them!

One of the biggest messages of the Sun this week for you is this: don’t worry, don’t fret. Enjoy life, enjoy where you are. Things aren’t perfect, but bask in the Sun and soak up the energy of the positive things in your life. Take time to rest and energize. Practice self-love and find your joy.