December 4, 2017 – Page of Pentacles

Hanson-Roberts Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles


The card you have been drawn to this week is the Seven of Pentacles. The Suit of Pentacles deals with the material aspects of life, so finding this card at the beginning of this week suggests that this is something that is heavy on your mind at this point in time. It may be that you have made a significant investment of time or money or energy into something and are wondering if it will pay off. It may be that you are beginning to reap the reward of something you’ve been working on for a time and are wondering if the reward is truly worth it. It may simply be that you are worried about money and the monetary aspects of life and where things will come from because things look frightening where you are right now. Whichever of these the case may be, the Seven of Pentacles is a good card to find.

In the card you see a youth leaning on a tool. He looks tired or wary. It’s clear that he’s been working and is tired, you can see this by the expression on his face and the color of his cheeks. It could be assumed that he’s contemplating whether to continue his work or walk away. He’s at a point of decision. He must decide whether to harvest the fruit that he’s produced, continue tending and working the garden, or walk away. Honestly, there is no wrong choice here, but a choice must be made. Without making a choice he stands in a place of limbo not moving forward in any way whatsoever. There is no one who can benefit from the fruit of his labors in this state and there is no way he can grow and move forward in this state.

The message here is that you are in a place in your life where you’ve likely been working tirelessly towards a goal or stability of some sort. You are likely seeing some result of your work, but you are questioning whether the result is worth the work you’ve put in. the message of the Seven of Pentacles is that you have to make a choice and there really is no wrong choice as long as the choice moves you forward in some way. The only wrong choice in your current life situation is to sit back and over think everything and as a result sit in the limbo you feel you are in. Your efforts are bearing fruit, even if you can’t see it at the moment. If you can see the fruit then it’s entirely up to you to decide whether this is the fruit you desire or if it’s time to walk away and tend another garden. If that’s the case, though, don’t worry. Your work has not been in vain. Others will still benefit from the fruit you’ve born, which is a positive contribution even if it isn’t quite what you intended.