December 4, 2017 – The Emperor

Hanson-Roberts The Emperor

The Emperor


The card you have been drawn to this week is the The Emperor. Many times I find that this card gets a bad rap, but it’s honestly not a bad card to find. Like all cards of the Tarot there are both positive and negative aspects of the Emperor. In my readings I always focus on the positive messages that the cards have for us while also pointing out any warnings they may be bringing to us. If you’ve found the Emperor this week it’s a sign that you may be in need of structure in your life, or perhaps you need to learn to let go a little bit and trust others and the Universe.

The Emperor is a powerful authority figure. He thrives on order and structure. Often he is an indicator of the need for structure in life. If you’re anything like me then structure can be a challenge in life, but it truly is something that is needed. However, there is a balance to be found. The Emperor can easily cross the line from building necessary structure to building overbearing and stifling confines that don’t allow creative expression or growth. One of the messages of the Emperor this week is to look at your life and see how this plays into your existence at this time. Are you in need of structure? If so, what might this structure look like? In what areas do you need structure and how can you build it? It would be helpful to find someone to bounce ideas off of and someone to help hold you accountable to this structure. On the other hand, what if you find yourself not only with structure, but with so much that you feel you don’t have room to breathe? Are there areas that you can tear down some walls? Are all of the walls of your structure necessary or are there some that you have built that you may have needed in the past but simply don’t need anymore?

Often times in our lives we create barriers where there need not be any. We also many times fail to build the walls that need to be there. Contrary to popular belief walls and restrictions are not bad. They are necessary. In our homes if we tried to build a roof first it wouldn’t work nor would it stand. However, if we build walls in ways that make no sense then our living spaces become unlivable. These walls are our structure, but just as in our homes we need to make sure the structures in our lives make sense and enhance the lives that we are trying to live. It’s also important to remember that a structure that worked at one point won’t necessarily stand for all time. It’s okay to re-evaluate the structures in your lives and to do the work to change them when needed.