Five of CupsThis week looks to be governed by the Five of Cups. Here we have the Five of Cups from the Hanson-Roberts Tarot. One thing I love about this deck is that it’s a very soft deck. The art style is absolutely beautiful and done in soft colored-pencil style. One thing that I love about it is that it can make even some of the most difficult messages come through in a way that is soft and gentle.

The Five of Cups is exactly one of these kinds of messages. One of the first things you’ll notice when looking at the card is the three chalices that are clearly spilled and the person there looking forlorn at the sight of them. For the week ahead this suggests that there are likely some challenges ahead and some roadblocks. This is okay. Sometimes things don’t work out the way we intend them. There are times in life when we work hard to fill our chalices and get everything lined up only for them to be knocked over either by us or things around us that we can’t control. It’s frustrating and challenging, but it’s also, unfortunately, part of life.

One of the things I really want to draw your attention to in this image, though, is that there are still two chalices that are prepared and ready to go behind the person. He seems so focused on the chalices that have been spilled that he seems to have forgotten that he still has opportunities for growth and expression that have been untapped. While some things have definitely not gone as he planned he’s not down for the count and he’s not out of options. This is a reminder that though things may feel like they’re falling apart, and some things may be, everything hasn’t. You still have resources and abilities. You still have options. Don’t spend so much of your time focusing on what didn’t go well that you forget to look at the options you still have. Learn from those that spilled, but don’t dwell on them. Nothing you do can unspill what has been spilled.

It’s important to remember that the cups represent your emotions and creative energy. Under the Five of Cups it’s possible that you just won’t have the creative energy or ability this week that you would like to have. That’s okay. Be kind to yourself. You’re pretty awesome even if everything doesn’t go like you want it to all the time.

As you meditate on this card take a moment to look at the image and really see what’s there. Are there places in your life that things aren’t going as you want them to? When things fall apart, how do you react? What stories do you tell yourself in those moments? Do you dwell on the spilled chalices, or do you remember that there are still untapped ones that you haven’t reached for? Do you kick yourself when you’re down, or do you remind yourself that this is all part of the journey? Remember to remain kind to yourself and continue doing what you need to do. Don’t focus on the difficulties when they come. Focus instead on the opportunities.

Until next time.