I haven’t made a post in a while because of some personal things, but I wanted to come back and start posting again! Usually I post something about the Witches’ Runes. Today, I wanted to change things up and post a rune from the Futhark Runes, which originate from the Norse. Unlike the Witches’ Runes, the Futhark runes have 24 runes and can be much more complex in nature and are much much older than Witches’ Runes.

I decided to pull a rune for myself and see what message I needed to hear and what message I could get from it. I ended up pulling the Gebo Rune. I have done minor studying of the Futhark runes, but I have not looked at this particular rune as much as some of the other runes. Gebo is a gift and is about generosity. A very common source for the identification and understanding of runes for divinatory purposes is the Old English Rune Poem (OERP).

The stanza, in the OERP, that applies to Gebo is:

“(Gift) is for every man
A pride and praise,
Help and worthiness;
And of every homeless adventurer
It is the estate and substance
For those who have nothing else.”

Gebo is about a gift that every human has and that every human can give to one another. These gifts could be surrounding various things ranging from monetary gifts to simply giving your time to someone in some way. Gifts are something that no one should be denied and can be things that make the difference between surviving and living.

When drawing this rune and thinking about your life personally, how might you see this rune? Think about the things in your life that you have to give. Is there something that you have appreciated from someone else that you could pay it forward in the same way? There is a possibility, when drawing this rune, that you are not meant to give, but you are actually meant to receive a gift. Sometimes it is hard to accept help; it is hard to be open and trusting and accept a situation that may be out of hand for yourself.

More generosity in the world would be a fantastic thing over all. Gebo represents the heart of giving and receiving in each and every one of our lives. When thinking about or using this rune for reflection, I would be mindful of what you have and what you don’t have in your life at the moment. Do what you can to make the most of a generous attitude in the gifts that you can give and receive in your daily life.


The rune set used for this post is the Deluxe Precious Wooden Runes by Lo Scarabeo.