One-On-One Tarot Coaching

I have been studying Tarot for 20 years and love to help others learn! Are you interested in reading for yourself? Reading for others? Reading professionally? I offer tarot coaching to help you out for any of those reasons. Fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch soon to get your personal coaching plan started!

If you would like a complimentary 20 minute consultation before committing to coaching where we would assess goals and see if this is the work for you, please us the Contact Me form and mention complimentary consultation in the message. There is, obviously, no charge for this.

This is direct video and phone conferencing one-on-one Tarot lessons. Do you want to learn to read with confidence? Do you want to become the reader that others rave about? Do you want direct learning from one with years of experience? Then this is for you. I will teach you to tap into your intuition and nail the readings every time. I will also teach you tell the story of the Tarot as it presents itself to you. This is an eight session private course. It will be just the two of us meeting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, whichever works for you. The full cost of the course is $650. It can be paid in full or you can pay 50% down ($325) and pay weekly from there, which is $45 per session. Choose which option is best for you at the bottom of this form.

Once the form is submitted I will be contacting you within two business days to schedule our first session!

Hurry and book soon, once slots are filled this will no longer be available for a time. Tarot coaching is a passion of mine, and I only accept five personal coaching students at a time to give personalized attention to my students.

I look forward to working with you!